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YouTuber Content Creator and Minecraft Skin Maker.

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Demons Forge Ep2 - KO Ultra Magnus Customisation

Minecraft Skin Commissions

Contact me via Twitter if you're interested in a Minecraft Skin Commission

Type A Skin (Azuloso)
Type A is a 32x64px skin, perfect for people who want a simple skin for a character that may have animal ears, but either a small or no tail.
Price = £15.00GBP

Type B Skin (Relpy (Relpyman))
The Type B skin is best for characters with asymmetrical details, such as off-colour arms and legs.
Type B is a 64x64px size Skin
Price = £20.00GBP

Type C Skin (Lyua)
Type C makes use of the entire 64x64px canvas, using the areas which can be toggled during gameplay. Great for characters with anatomy like tails and ears they can hide, or if you want a clothing feature to be removable.
Price = £25.00GBP

Minecraft Skin Terms of Service [July2020]
For communication before, during, and after your commission, you do not demand my personal information for contact.

Terms and Conditions
When commissioning me you are agreeing to my following Terms of Service:
You must be 18years or older for 18+ content.Turn around: from one week up to two.The character belongs to you, or a friend that has given you permission to use.>- A ref sheet without proper credit to the artist, and/or blocked comments without need, will be considered a red warning flag.

All my prices are in Great British Pounds (GBP) and I accept payment via PayPalPayment is to be made before I work on the artwork.Once an Invoice has been sent, payment is expected within 24hours.
Edits and Alterations
Please be clear about the changes you want, I will work my best to get you what you want.If I forget to include character markings, it is always ok to remind me to add them.After a WIP has been provided, a response is expected within 48hours otherwise, the commission will be completed to the best of my understanding with no further edits allowed.
There will be no refunds once artwork is completed.

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